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In this experience, I was able to go to one of Jay Park's Dudart cafes in Korea. I was so excited to go, but it was a bit complicated to find the cafe--especially since it was raining. My sister, and I walked around for like 20 minutes until we finally found it. I did not have wifi available so I would steal another location's wifi...whoops. I took a screenshot of how to get to the location, and we finally got there. Let me tell you, it was "fancy" *oohhh boy* (or at least I thought so). I had read in comments that Jay Park would sometimes swing by and check on how things were going, so I was pretty excited. Unfortunately he never showed up *cry cry*. Although he did not show up, I still liked my experience as I had a yummilicious drink and sandwich (as seen above). The cafe also had shirts of AOMG for sale (yay! merchandise). And the atmosphere was very nice and felt like a kpop scene at times as well. There were fans coming in of Jay Park *cough cough me*, but also others who just sat and talked with friends (not looking at the door when someone walked in). I recommend going to one of these cafes if you are in Korea and are a fan of Kpop. It is worth it, even if you do not get to see any idols.
No problem @KpopKrazed glad I could help
It's on my must go to list when I go to Korea. You answered the biggest question I had, which was if they sold merch there so thanks!