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I've gotten messages after posting the letter Gongchan gave me, asking if I had more signed things and also, what albums I have. So I'm making this post just to share with y'all what I have! From left to right: EXO'S FIRST BOX, EXO-K "FIRST ALBUM, XOXO", B1A4 "WHO AM I" (signed), EXO-K "으λ₯΄λ " REPACKAGE, (first three left) B1A4 "SOLO DAY" (signed), (right two) B1A4 "SOLO DAY" (not signed), 2PM "GROWN", SHINee "THE MISCONCEPTIONS OF ME", SHINee "THE MISCONCEPTIONS OF YOU", B1A4 "IN THE WIND", B1A4 "이게 무슨 일이야" (signed), EXO-K "12μ›”μ˜ 기적", EXO-K "EXODUS", EXO-K "MAMA"
(sorry for my fingers lololol) B1A4'S "WHO AM I" album signed!
Originally I had five albums (for each respective member), but i gave my Baro and Jinyoung albums to my friends! B1A4'S "SOLO DAY" album signed!
In the middle you can read where Sandeul wrote, "To. Becky Becky~ Be a good girl" This was the first album I got signed and I tell you, I was in shock for a good hour especially because my best friend's mom was telling me about how Gongchan and Sandeul (my two favorites!) were asking about me <333 B1A4'S "이게 λ¬΄μŠ¨μΌμ΄μ•Ό" album signed!
Thank y'all so much <33 잘자용~ also if you repost anything please ask for my permission first! thank you!
πŸ™ŠπŸ™Š omg!!
Wow, your one lucky girl. I envy you right now.
Asdfghjkl all those b1a4 albums ;-;
How'd you meet them omg
@liuser5ever I haven't met them yet! But my best friend's aunt is their manager lolol