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Hmm, I'm not perfect and there are a lot of things in my life that I wish I could change but I cant therefore I live my life and make the best of far as having regrets there are many but I also don't want to dwell about my past otherwise I wouldn't be able to move on and accept my present and future, rather its the ppl in my life or decisions that often leaves me w/a heavy heart....soooo I wanted to share a song that really means a lot to me, enjoy my vingle friends...(^_*)
in life, we do make the right decision but sometimes they don't end up like what we expected... well, at least you can say that you did what were suppose to do and if doesn't work out, you won't have regrets later... ^^
me too.....the song speaks volume for me and im not just talking about love, im referring to things in general and the obstacles we face daily in our lives...the painstaking decisions we make rather its good or bad but everything has consequences....i wanna live my life w/out regrets and be firm w/my decisions and be secure that i did the right thing for me...
i love this song...^^