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Because I'm tired of seeing all this sad, sad news, I thought I'd do a quick post about this cool thing I found.
A Moscow charity called "Friends on the Streets" which works to do projects for the homeless there set up a free, outdoor movie night for homeless people in Moscow. The outdoor makeshift cinema will remain open in a state-owned site near the metro station Krasnoselskaya throughout the summer, and have at least one movie night a month. They also offer snacks, and the first even happened on Sunday, and a comedy (“Operation Y and Shurik's Other Adventures") was played.
Pretty cool, right? I wonder what the budget on something like that is, but it can't be that expensive. Hopefully, the homeless there will start to feel more and more involved in their community. And, the organization also hopes to open a salon for them, so they can get hair cuts, shaves, cleaned up and more, which can help with depression problems that are common in the homeless.
Since homeless make up 2% of Russia's population (apparently, I can't back this one up for sure), it will be good if they can keep making some progress through NGOs like this one.
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I really love this. It can be really discouraging to see so much sad news all the time. It's important to celebrate the work people are doing to make the world a better place too!
This is such a positive move! Opening a salon is a great idea as well, I read somewhere that it helps a lot especially in getting homeless people more confidence to go on job interviews, etc. Thanks for sharing some good news, sometimes world news can be pretty depressing.