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First, excuse the screaming at the beginning and at the end. Here is another of my experience as a study abroad student. This tine it is ny friend (an international student) dancing with 2 Korean girls and 1 from the Philippines. She practiced so hard, especially since she was asked last minute. They danced to one of Sistar's song, and they rocked it. Honwstly she was so glad to have sone that, especially aince we love K-Pop. As a K-Pop lover, if I could dance, then I would have been up there too (trust me she tried to convince some of us to dance too and we were like noooooo) I can't dance, so instead I rode on floats across a town when they had a festival....exciting! That post will come later, if I find the pictures lol. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the song as well. This is about when I started getting into Sistar, best decision ever!! ♡♡♡
@daisyzheng02 thank you. My friend had a lot of fun doing this :)
Great job!!!