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Anyone miss this handsome second lead from Sungkyunkwan Scandal? He was also amazing in Secret Love Affair. His next K-drama project is called Six Flying Dragons, which comes out this year. I can't wait to see what new role he takes on!
Look forward to more styles at K-Drama Star Style! ^_^
Have you seen any of his dramas? What do you think of his acting? I think he can play very versatile characters!
I'm totally an Ah In fan! It's not just because of his sexy lips either, he is a great actor too :D
@Kamiamon I have not seen any of the other dramas...only the 2 I mentioned T.T Which one should I start with lol? @chandnip804 Right? So handsome! @CandaceJordan Yes, be sure to prepare yourself. I was not ready for it LOL @christy Right? He has such a boyish look, but he's very handsome!
Great outfits! He's able to pull any of these outfits off. He looks sexy and amazing in them! :)
@Kamiamon Okay, I will give it a shot! :) @hyunsaeng638 He is going to be in a new drama soon, so you can watch him there ^^
Sung Kyun Kwan is good Secret Love is goo and hot@poojas i wish i can watch him again
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