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So... Boyfriend is a group from Starship Entertainment. In the bigger scheme of things, they're not the most popular k-pop boyband group out there. Not to mention, their band name is oh so easily obscured by all the other things the searchword "Boyfriend" Google can bring.
You might already be a fan, or a now curious reader who's going to google them (don't forget to type band or kpop after "boyfriend"), look them up on Youtube too! I actually started liking them through their song "Witch", which is one of their more recent songs, but I've heard that "Janus" (which is also great) is actually their most famous song.
While they are very much the typical k-pop boyband, there's just a certain charm to them that makes them all the more likable. Oh, and their fanbase are called Bestfriends, so you can be called a best friend, and everyone can be best friends! (not trying to take advantage of your loneliness status or anything)
Here's the music video for "Janus", the song that made them a little more popular than they were before, and I hope it kinda makes you love them a little (or a lot) and squeal as you venture on. The dancing, music, and storyline can be a little much, but isn't that the same for almost all the groups? That's what makes them all the more lovable!
Bounce is where its at XD I also love this group for the twins <3
The only k-pop group to have TWINS as members!!!! I love Boyfriend!!!! My favorite song is White Out and video is Bounce.
I love Boyfriend! They are definietly underrated. But they are really awesome! ( ̄▽ ̄)
@caitlind9898 your story sounds great! it's the moment you know you can never go back that one remembers the most, haha. I haven't seen them on Weekly Idol, actually. but now that you've mentioned it, I definitely am!
@caitlind9898 I couldn't stop singing the chorus for weeks after I watched the video, my sister regretted ever showing me their existence! Anyway, they're great. and that's great. x)
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