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G-Dragon is one of my favorite artists <3 He just owns the stage when he performs and sometimes you can just tell he gets lost in the music! I love the music he writes too. So amazing! ^^ Who is your favorite K-Pop artist?
I love g dragon I think I'm starting to be happy again I'm still battling depression but I think he is making it easier but I love the music he makes and he just makes me happy and I would love to meet him
I love him, and I love this song. me cri
G-Dragon is my favorite artist as well. He makes me lost in his music and his music has brought me out of the dark and on a whole new adventure which I will be forever grateful for. He is my number one forever and always.
Tablo and G Dragon and Kyuhyun Oppa are my favorite.
@amandamuska - Never stop battling your depression! I know at times it may seem impossible but don't give up! G Dragon Oppa really helped me through a rough time recently and G Dragon is happy to hear that his fans don't give up! He and others like to encourage us to keep going and trying. It makes them happy to know that they can bring us a least a smile if nothing else. Oppa wouldn't give up on you so don't give up on youraelf! \^_^/ (hugs from one Kpopper to another!) ☆
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