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The title is misleading. There's no way for me to actually know if you have heard of these group. Anyway. Here are some groups that are very under recognized to the general public. Unlike major groups like Big Bang and Exo, and female groups like f(x) or 2ne1. Anyway! Here we go! Onto the top 5 under recognized groups. P.S. Let me know if there are other groups you think deserve to be recognized more!! 馃榿
C-Clown: Out of the five on this list, this is my favorite that I have recently discovered. C-Clown is under Yedang Entertainment, and first debuted in July 2012. The members are Rome (leader/rapper), Kangjun (vocalist), T.K. (Rapper), Maru (maknae), and vocalist Siwoo (no not Siwon) and vocalist Ray. Check out their songs Justice (my favorite), Far Away, and Young Love.
MyName: This group is under H2 media, and first debuted in October 2011. The band consists of Gunwoo (leader), Jun Q (main rapper), Seyoung (rapper), Insoo (main vocals), and Chaejin (visual/maknae). I found this group to be slightly (I guess, idk how to explain what I mean) more edgy and techno/dance music-y. Some good songs are Day by Day, Baby I'm Sorry, and Message.
The Boss: Under Open World Entertainment, The Boss debuted in March 2010. The group consists of Mika (leader/main vocals), Hyunmin (vocals), Injun (more vocals), Karam (dancer), and Jay (main rapper/main dancer/maknae) This group has quite a prominent maknae, which I find to be slightly uncommon. They also have some long, sleek hair! They are a very strong group vocally, and I'm really surprised they haven't broken through more barriers. My favorite song (so far) is Why Goodbye, but you should also check out Stumble Stumble, and Lady.
Mr.Mr.: No, not the Girls' Generation song. This group is currently under the entertainment organization Winning Insight, and debuted in October 2014. The group consists of Jin (leader), Tey (lead vocalist), Do Yeon (more vocals), Chang Jae (even more vocals), and Ryu (maknae). Winning Insight had some drama with SM entertainment (that's beside the point of this, but it's worth knowing). This groups is very strong vocally, but still not as much as The Boss. Also, Mr. Mr. Is very good looking. 馃槈 Check out the songs Big Man, It's You, and Waiting For You.
Big Star: Under Brave Entertainment (the group started by the brave brothers), Big Star debuted in 2012. The group consists of Feeldog (leader), Baram (vocalist/rapper), Raehwan (vocals), Sunghak (rapper), and Jude (maknae). While this group is not particularly my style, I have to admit that they are a skilled group. If you're more into the rap scene (that's what I felt listening to them), check out the songs Hot Boy, Standing Alone, and Run Run.
I hope I was able to broaden y'all's views to some lesser known groups!! And please comment some other groups you feel deserve more reputation that I did not mention. Coming Soon: 5 underrated female groups!! 馃榿馃榿馃榿 P.P.S. This took such a long time to gather all the information hahaha.
There's also m.pire, N.sonic, bigflo, history, speed, lu:kus & a lot more. Lol I listen to underrated groups more than major popular groups. Their really talented & more people need to get to know them.
everyone ive heard of except the boss
Oh I forgot to mention how awesome Feeldog is as a rapper... Soooooo good \(^-^)/
Only know c clown
I love this!!!! C-Clown and Myname are AMAZINGGGGGGG
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