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This totally happened to me the second time I went to Korea. I only wanted to see my oppas and maybe go to a comcert, but NO!!!!! My oppas were in Japan and I would have gone but my sister didn't want to spend our vacation koney on them! Can you believe her? How rude! lol jk The first time I went, they were having their world tour so they weren't anywhere near me!!! But now they are coming to the states...yay!!! Has this happened to anyone else too?
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I would probably actually cry if I missed JYJ. Not even lying.
@JennyRodriguez yes! you must! good luck 친구!
@KiKi29 ...girl I did when I went and realized they weren't there and I realized I wouldn't be able to see them on my trip...no shame, no regrets.
@ygvip21 I'm sorry. I understated your pain. Girl, I'd probably do something crazy like camp out in front of someone's house lol. Just be life "screw regular life. I need to see them. I came too far."
Hahaha @Kiki29 I was too busy camping outside my school for other kpop groups to perform xD