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When you don't have dry shampoo or baby powder around the next best thing to cover up your greasy hair is accessory. Here's a list of things you can throw onto your hair for a quick fix.

Bandana, Headscarf, or Necktie

The fashion fabric listed above are great for head gear for summer. It comes in a variety of prints, color, and length. Bandana and necktie are obviously shorter and you can quickly make a headband out of the fabric. For longer scarf you can make a headwrap that covers your fore hair.

Sun hats and Caps

Floppy sun hats or fedora are great choices as low-maintenance style for the beach. You can simply throw the on and you're good to go. For post-gym ad post-workout session you can throw on a cap for a sporty look.

Braided Bangs

Don't have a lot of time to braid your whole hair, focus on the bangs where oil is more noticeable.

Floral Crown

Perfect for summer party and semi-formal event. Looks good on short, long, straight, wavy, and curly hair!