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How to Distract the Appearance of Greasy Hair?
When you don't have dry shampoo or baby powder around the next best thing to cover up your greasy hair is accessory. Here's a list of things you can throw onto your hair for a quick fix.

Bandana, Headscarf, or Necktie

The fashion fabric listed above are great for head gear for summer. It comes in a variety of prints, color, and length. Bandana and necktie are obviously shorter and you can quickly make a headband out of the fabric. For longer scarf you can make a headwrap that covers your fore hair.

Sun hats and Caps

Floppy sun hats or fedora are great choices as low-maintenance style for the beach. You can simply throw the on and you're good to go. For post-gym ad post-workout session you can throw on a cap for a sporty look.

Braided Bangs

Don't have a lot of time to braid your whole hair, focus on the bangs where oil is more noticeable.

Floral Crown

Perfect for summer party and semi-formal event. Looks good on short, long, straight, wavy, and curly hair!
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