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Onew fell in love with me because I'm cute ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノwhat can I say my cuteness shines through lol I kid but seriously I just love these games
Daeusung sing for me because I'm a loyal VIP ,I guess I've been fan zone XD
Han Geng loves me because I'm pretty XD
Yonghwa teaches me how to play guitar because he loves me :D honestly I've wish this happen
Hyuk (my bias !) flirted with me because he loves the way I am (≧∇≦)
Minwoo loves me because I'm hot :O lol Will enjoy guys XD (Credits to owner)
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1. Minho kissed me because I'm cute 2. Seungri went for a date with me because I'm a loyal VIP 3. Sungmin cooked for me because I'm pretty Jungshin hugged me because I love him N cooked for me because he loves me the way I am Youngmin hugged me because I'm hot
Key oppa kissed me because he likes my eyes
Ravi oppa cooked for me because we love each other
Kwangmin oppa hugged me because he loves the way I am
Taemin tickled me. I'm going to be famous.