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Onew fell in love with me because I'm cute ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノwhat can I say my cuteness shines through lol I kid but seriously I just love these games
Daeusung sing for me because I'm a loyal VIP ,I guess I've been fan zone XD
Han Geng loves me because I'm pretty XD
Yonghwa teaches me how to play guitar because he loves me :D honestly I've wish this happen
Hyuk (my bias !) flirted with me because he loves the way I am (≧∇≦)
Minwoo loves me because I'm hot :O lol Will enjoy guys XD (Credits to owner)
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1. Minho kissed me because I'm cute 2. Seungri went for a date with me because I'm a loyal VIP 3. Sungmin cooked for me because I'm pretty Jungshin hugged me because I love him N cooked for me because he loves me the way I am Youngmin hugged me because I'm hot
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Key oppa kissed me because he likes my eyes
2 years ago·Reply
Ravi oppa cooked for me because we love each other
2 years ago·Reply
Kwangmin oppa hugged me because he loves the way I am
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Taemin tickled me. I'm going to be famous.
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