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This is worth watching for so many reasons and I'm going to list them:
-CL being perfect as always
-2NE1 being perfect as always
-Lee Hi being hugged by Minzy and Bom
-GDragon with roses stuck in his head
-Tablo advertising his social media accounts during the concert on a giant white sheet he probably made himself
-Seungri speaking Japanese
-Mino flipping his invisible weave with sass
-Nam Taehyun's tongue
-Jinwoo looking like a middle aged lady
-GDragon being a total dork
-''Oppa condom style'' at 6:09
-GDragon riding Daesung who's acting like a horse
-Top dancing
-GDragon falling and hurting himself because he got too turnt
-I don't know who's in the glasses but he's getting hella turnt
-Mino gives piggy back rides
-The guy in the glasses is DJ Tukutz
-Top can shake it
-and finally this screenshot of Daesung:
so basically just all of yg family being dorks together.
please watch.
Lol I love watching them perform! They really are a family, a big dorky fun family. Also idk what type of dance Top was doing at the end but it was hilarious and adorable.
it says that the user removed the vid 😕
Where can I watch the whole thing?
wanna go so bad, they should come to ny