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Classic joke. But did he not promise that he would take off his shirt? I want him to take it off in one of the MVs that they make, just like the rest of the members. Wouldn't that be awesome? Imagine how many views that video would get lol and song would be at #1 for a long time since everyone would be in shock that he actually did it hahahaha I crack myself up guys. But all in all TOP take off your shirt in a video for the love of KPOP!
Thats good @AmandaHume. ..i usually laugh at stuff people would normally be like wtf hahaha
right? I love senseless jokes hahaha @AmandaHume
wow- lets keep it pg13 hahaha ...unless you didn't mean it in a dirty way then im sorry lol ...i guess im just thinking dirty xD
It doesn't take much to make me laugh haha
Lmao that's great
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