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Every artist/group has their hard core and lullaby songs! It's amazing the amount of diverse music they can produce (:
Sometimes heartbreak other times trying to impress and love. ❤❤ Comment your favorite groups songs that are completely diverse, but still equally amazing(: One of mine is Jaejoongs~ Mine and him in JYJs ~ In Heaven @BlockBVillains @ephneyt @ErinGregory @solodaywithB1A4 @DeadlyCyanide @zaria36915 @zmusicloverz @celesteyc @CandaceJordan @veselovskayavic @newtype18 @nokita Credit to the owners of this photo ~I do not own any of the presented ~
Junsu's Flower is still one of the most diverse, mesmerizing, amazing songs and videos I've ever seen and heard in my entire life. Period. I adore anything from JYJ, Junsu, or Jaejoong.
I LOVE JAEJOONG'S MINE! This took me awhile cuz I had to think about it a bit but I think Boys Republic Hello & Video Game :) (Also Boys Republic was chosen at random cuz I don't have a favourite group)^^ Curious what you would pick @MattK95 :)
@KiKi29 I'm with you man!!! JYJ for life!! ❤❤