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The Fundamentals of a (Fabulous) Professional Wardrobe

1.Show Some Blazer Love. Much like a power suit, no professional wardrobe is complete without one or two reliable blazers that you can pair with everything from cropped straight-leg pants to your favorite pencil skirt to a no-fuss sheath dress. We have so much room–and love–for great blazers in our closets because of how nicely they complete an outfit and pull any professional look together. Go for a blazer that can double as a suit jacket (that is, that will compliment at least one of your suit pants and one of your skirts) so you’re getting double–and maybe even triple–duty out of it.
2.Find Your Dream Sheath Dresses. The more we put our time in at the office, the more we have come to realize how invaluable the perfect sheath dress is. There’s nothing better than waking up,engaging in your morning hair and make up routine, throwing on one item of clothing, and walking out the door just like that.
3.Stick With The Skirts That Works For You. We used to advocate the pencil skirt as our staple professional skirt choice. But, thanks to our beloved House of Marbury readers, many of whom expressed that the pencil skirt shape is not right for them, we’ve shifted our view a bit. When it comes to wearing skirts in an office setting, the most important thing is that you go with a skirt that works for your body type.
4.Buy A Few Great Women Shirt. Our professional wardrobes would not be complete without a few great blouses to compliment everything else we’re building. Professional blouses include anything from beautiful silk shells to cap-sleeved patterned tops to conservative lace overlays. Our favorite professional blouses include the wide selection from Oasis. There’s something for everyone here. Target is also one of our go-tos for beautiful work blouses that can accommodate a new-professional budget.
5.Stock Up On Female pants. We are big fans of stocking up on a variety of trousers in different shapes, styles, and colors. Everything from a subtle flare leg to a cropped skinny leg can work in an office setting, and gives you a lot of room to play and expand your wardrobe. Opt for staple colors like black, navy, and khaki that will pair well with all your blouses, blazers, cardigans, and shoes.
6.Wear A Statement Female models handbag. Finally, to round out your professional wardrobe, a statement handbag is a must. Think gorgeous on the outside, practical on the inside. Consider your job requirements and what you will realistically be expected to carry around every day, and purchase a bag that will accommodate this.
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