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Life, at least for me, has reached a cyclic nature. Things seem to play themselves out like a song on a loop; the same intro, the same crescendo, and ultimately the same nostalgic ending. An ending which somehow leaves me craving more. Yet, regardless of how many times the song repeated itself, I continued to love that melody. So I ask myself, "If I must relive me exact same life an infinite number of times, would I happily do it?" And almost always my answer was no. But then on a different day i ask "Can I accept a reality in which I cannot make others smile? Does my kindness not count for something? Do I not wish to love for the first time or for the last time, again?" Never had I answered "yes" so optimistically. It maybe a cocky ideology, but I feel my life has impacted others; much like others have impacted my own. Living for others. Is that not reason enough to relive an infinite number of times?
Every life impacts another, so I do not believe you are being cocky in this belief. And yes, it is enough to life live a thousand times over.
Or, live life, if you prefer the proper word order.