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What's Your Idol Dream Team?
I tend to live in my own personal world, that is trapped in my mind. And usually the thing that is on my mind is Kpop! The thing I like to do the most is imagine myself on the hit variety show Running Man with my ideal dream team. SO... post in the comments below your ideal dream team and if you want i would love to hear the games that you would want to play.
Let me break it down....Of course I couldn't include every single bias I have. So I just listed the first 5 that really caught my eye. Minho(SHINee), Hoya( Infinite), Chanyeol(EXO), Taeyang( BigBang) and JHope( BTS). The number one game I would want to play would be the elimination name tag game. Then protect the queen dodgeball, and anything in the water or in the mudflats!!
Each of these guys has something that I just love about them. Chanyeol is no exception, and this is why...
Now Taeyang is pure awesomeness. He can sing, he can dance, he knows how to be well...TAEYANG!!!
I have to say JHope is one of those guys who is a kid at heart, but that's why you love them. Especially when he starts getting in the zone!!!!
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me and snsd playing the exercising karaoke game loll that'd be the best!! amber and henry are welcome to join too lol
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someone whose not selfish
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