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Pedro Martinez recently got his number (#45) retired by the Boston Red Sox organization. It is the first time the Red Sox retired a pitcher's number. Even though Pedro made his Major League debut with the LA Dodgers, he spent most of his prime time with the Red Sox. He was with the organization for seven seasons and accumulated 117 wins and 37 losses with an ERA of 2.52. Career Stats: 219W 100L 3SV ERA 2.93 SO 3154 WHIP 1.054
During last year's Hall of Fame ballot, Pedro received 91.1% of the votes from the Baseball Writer's Association of America giving him the ticket to put his name up in Cooperstown along with baseball's greatest. To honor his induction to the Hall of Fame and the retirement of his number I have prepared...

The Top 3 Fights by Pedro!

1. September 24th, 1996 - Montreal Expos vs. Philadelphia Phillies The first fight that I have prepared is when Pedro was with the Expos. He threw a beanball to Phillies' hitter, Jeffries. Then, when Pedro came up to bat, Phillies' pitcher, Mike Williams threw a threatening pitch and received an initial warning from the home plate umpire. However, when the next pitch hit Pedro, Williams got rejected from the game. was too late and Pedro charged the mound.
2. April 13th, 1994 - Montreal Expos vs. Cincinnati Reds I personally don't think this fight was initiated by Pedro. Pedro was once again with the Expos when this fight happened and he was on his way to pitch a perfect game before the fight broke. He needed five more outs...but instead hit Reggie Sanders with an inside fastball. Sanders however overreacted (I think he was pretty pissed off after being struck out two times all with an inside pitch) and charged the mound. Thus, the benches cleared and our good old Pedro got hit and squished by a bunch of players. Oh and yes. He lost the perfect game as well.
3. October 11th, 2003 - New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox (Game 3 of the ALCS) This was probably Pedro's worst moment in his Major League career. The biggest rival in sports history were competing for the championship title in 2003. During Game 3 of the series, Pedro hit Yankees' outfielder Karim Garcia and things were got heated. Then, former Red Sox pitcher, Roger Clemens threw a beanball to Manny Ramirez and the benches cleared. Baseball legend Don Zimmer ran towards Pedro and Pedro just grabbed Zimmer's head and threw him to the ground. Zimmer was 72 at the time. I mean Pedro was a great baseball player for sure, but you should never....I mean never throw a 72 year old man to the ground.
Let's take a look at this again. I mean can you believe it? So disappointing...
But once again, I still think of Pedro as one of the greatest pitchers of all time. He looks small compared to other big league pitchers but when he starts throwing, he becomes untouchable. Pedro is actually 5' 11'' and weighs 170 pounds. But whenever he stood up on the mound, he went into beast mode. He wasn't afraid to throw an inside pitch and threw as hardest as he could. That was probably why he hit so many batters and got into so many fights. But it is also the reason why so many batters were intimidated by him despite his height and weight. I would like to congratulate Pedro on being inducted to the Hall of Fame and getting his number retired by the Red Sox. Congrats Pedro!
PEDRO is awesome. Really good all-around player. I love guys who can go out there, field, hit and be a leader. Great card!
hahaha, i did! . i'm going to the Mets- Nationals game tonight, Lets Go Mets!!!
@jeff4122 hahaha true dat. I feel like youre a huge mets fan! the MLB community is filled with your mets cards
Hahaha Pedro is crazy. Never forget. He was a fun guy to have on the Mets for a few years, even at the tail end of his career
I know! :/ and I'm a Yankees fan too. Ugh this not get me started hahahah @mchlyang
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