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What do you guys think??? Comment below.
That makes no sense to prevent him from debutting because of his father's crimes. he's trying to live his own life and he may have gone through enough heartache and trouble already. why do some netizens have to be so harsh?? I'm not saying this because I think that what his father did was right in any way. but what makes people think that just because they are family BI also takes all the blame? he's 18 and chasing his dreams he didn't cause any of this mess and even without the netizens hating on him he's going to have a hard time. I support BI I wish him the best, I don't really know IKON but I hope he does well and that this dies down.
I hate this! Why should a child be punished for something their parent did? He's his own person and has nothing to do with it. He should be allowed to move on and live his life.
wow...wow... If I didn't just read that I would've thought it was a joke because this is laughable. #1 If they think this is going to stop a debut, they're wrong #2 ITS WAS HIS FATHER. NOT HIM. I'm pretty sure he already feels enough shame, sadness, and anger for what his father did. Anyone would!! It's embarrassing and wrong! But who knows, after debuting he may even try to help those his father wronged though he shouldn't have to.
i think it's not fair for him not to debut just cause his father mistake. but I also understand that in korea family honor is important so its very tough decision
Some people just need something to complain about. YG will ignore this.