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Us Game of Thrones fans have been pulled in so many different directions over the past few weeks. Jon Snow's wait, maybe he's he's definitely dead. Yesterday, photographic evidence surfaced that gives real hope for Jon Snow's return.
Watchers on the Wall, arguably the nerdiest Twitter account on the Internet, spotted Kit Harington in the Belfast airport yesterday. Why is this important? Because Game of Thrones films in Belfast!!!
What other reasons could Kit Harington have for being in Belfast? I can't think of any!! If he really is returning to the show, it's becoming the worst kept TV secret. To really shock Game of Thrones fans, the producers are going to have to be much sneakier..especially with the Watchers on the Wall patrolling their every move.

What do you think this means for the next season of GoT??? Will Jon Snow be back??

I think based on how it went down in the books, jon snow is 100% still alive, in some way. melisandre and her magic, yo.
he's not dead, OMG! I knew it. You just made my day. :D
@k8wnba20 @VinMcCarthy do you think this is definitive proof that he's back? Fingers crossed :)