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Hate to be the one to break it to you guys, but...Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah are dating!

Here are the details:
- Shin Min Ah is 31. (Kim Woo Bin is 26...not too big of a difference. Noona romance anyone?)
- They got close during their work for Giordano together.
- They have been dating for about 2 months.
This was me when I heard the news...
#FindingOutYourUltimateBiasIsDating #BiasProblems
Here are more photos of this new couple from the Dispatch article!
Obviously, I had to do some fangirl research on Shin Min Ah.

Then I found out Shin Min Ah was previously rumored to be dating TOP from Big Bang (my ultimate K-pop bias)...

Yup. That's all I have to say.
This girl is living the dream.

Why do I even bias? What is life? Okay, done venting!

Calling all the KWB fans! How are you guys doing? Do you need tissues or a shoulder to cry on? Lol.
Damn. At least they're announcing it and not just making things awkward with media speculation.
Haha I wasn't even mad when I found out it shin minah I really like her so I happy for them..I'm even happy that she's older than him which give me so much hope for my obsession with younger guys in kpop hahaha
@VixenViVi I'm still at the NOOO, WAEEEE stage, hahaha. XD
I should have known he was cheating on me :( But if it's Shin Min Ah, then I'm cool!
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