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One of the most dangerous villains from the comics is slated to appear in the Supergirl TV series! The show is casting for Reactron, who will appear in episode 3 of the coming season. For those who wish to stay spoiler-free, all you need to know is that this is gonna be cool. If you want to know more, read on!

This villain is not easily beaten!

Reactron has faced off against Power Girl, Superman, and of course Supergirl since his first appearance in 1983. He's able to generate radiation, and he also has the ability to nullify Supergirl's powers for a limited time thanks to his heart made of gold Kryptonite.
Supergirl will also be facing off against Lumberjack, a nasty villain from Superman's rogues gallery. You can get a sneak peek in the new trailer below!

The series premieres on October 26th on CBS. Don't miss it!

OMG I can't wait!!!
this sounds damn interesting
Is it my imagination or is Calista flockhart(?) gonna be in it?
@buddyesd I'm totally looking forward to it! It's coming out right after my birthday so I'm gonna assume it's a late gift from the universe ^_^
I gotta watch that show :)
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