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The couple indeed has an age difference. Kim Woo Bin is 26 born in 1989. Shin Minah is 31 born in 1984. But the age difference did not seem like a problem for them. Kim Woo Bin’s manner especially stood out. "Hello, This is Shin Min Ah’s agency, Mother Company Entertainment. After checking with the initial reports of Shin Min Ah, we confirmed that they are indeed dating. After continuing their friendship after the photoshoot, they have progressed into a more serious relationship after confirming each others’ feelings. So that they can be a beautiful couple that can continue their love, I hope that you all give the love and support. Thank you.” i love it, she better take go care of my oppa!!!
They're so cute together! I'm happy for him :-)
Yay for Korean celebrity romance 😄 I hope they last a long time and stay happy and in love.