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As women one thing we take pride in is our nails.

We feel our best when they are done and painted in the prettiest of colors. Whether we go to the salon or take the time out to do them ourselves -- a set of freshly manicured nails are literally a girls best friend.
Nobody likes having to choose one specific shade when getting their nails done, but to cut down the time it takes looking for the best color to suit your taste -- go for a shade that compliments your complexion. Just like any other beauty product, there are certain nail polishes that will make you look and feel good. If you're contemplating your next polish choice for your weekly mani -- look no further because I have compiled a list of the best nail polishes for every complexion.

Light Complexion:

When it comes to those on the more pale side of the color spectrum, the key is to look for polishes that won't wash you out. Gravitate towards pink nudes, bright fuchsias, blue tone reds, lavenders and navy blues.

Olive Complexion:

For medium skin tones, the perfect polish color all depends on your specific undertone. Beige nudes, peachy pinks, orange tone reds, deep purples and sky blues look absolutely amazing against olive skin.

Dark Complexion:

Bright colors compliment dark compliments so well. The brighter the better. When choosing the perfect polish for your liking go for bright fuchsias, deep reds, dark berries, deep cobalts and beige nudes.
Now that you've got the scoop on which polishes compliment your complexion, go ahead and take your pick. If you're not a fan of color shades and want to stay on the more neutral side of things -- check out my card Nude Polishes That Compliment Your Complexion.
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