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Chioma Nnadi, the Fashion News Director of, has an amazing wardrobe full of envious colors and prints. The English style star sticks to ladylike silhouettes with bold pops of color that make her seriously stand out. Most of her clothes make me excited for the temperatures to drop so I can look for a great jacket, but either way I'm loving her look and showing you how to get it.
Colorblock queen.
Nnadi makes her own colorblocked looks by contrasting pieces in bold colors and breaking her body up with different colors. Sometimes she opts for garments made up of different color shapes, and othertimes she picks solid pieces that wouldn't make a statement were they not paired with other bright pieces, but everytime, she looks amazing.
Skirts just past the knee.
This proper lady opts for a-line skirts that brush just past her knees. Whether skirting a breeze in the summer or layering with tights and chunky shoes in the winter, this silhouette is timeless, age appropriate, and flattering year-round.
Killer coats.
When she isn't color blocking, Nnadi opts for crazy prints, and tends toward jackets in interesting prints and bright colors. How else is she to keep warm on the streets of NYC and in the London fog? I don't think she owns a single neutral-toned jacket, nor does she need to.
When all else fails, wear the breton stripe.
Nnadi appreciates the classic pattern of blue and white stripes, often pairing them with pops of scarlet, which appears to be her favorite color. She looks both classic and quirky contrasting masculine and feminine pieces and staying, navy, white, and red all over.
I don't know how this sophisticated lady makes me want to throw out all black and white pieces, but I'm ready to embrace color and throw caution to the wind à la Nnadi.
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I love the last look. She looks like an artist who uses her clothing as her canvas!