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"I'm issuing a new executive order...that Jon Stewart cannot leave the show." PLEASE, I know this is a joke, but I think his departure calls for some presidential action.
As part of the lengthy tribute to Jon Stewart's time on The Daily Show, President Obama stopped by last night to talk politics, media and most importantly, Jon's departure. The president has been on the show several times, both before and after his election, but Tuesday night was his final guest appearance across the desk from Jon.
As always, Jon asks the tough questions, touching on sensitive subjects like the Iran deal, veteran affairs and the media's portrayal of government. President Obama handles them well, reiterating that he's still got work to do throughout the rest of his term, and even throwing in a couple of Donald Trump digs.
At the end of the show, President Obama sums up how we all feel about Jon with a heartfelt goodbye: "you've been a great gift to the country." I might have cried.
You can watch the President's extended final interview with Jon here.
@LauraFisher me neither. It will definitely be a less-funny world after he leaves
Yep @JordanNash that pretty much sums up how I feel too :( He's so good at his job, I can't imagine anyone taking his place.
I'm still in denial that Jon Stewart is leaving. I just can't bear to come to term with the fact that he is leaving and won't be there to keep this country and the government accountable with his amazing humor