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"You're like a weird genie!"

"You're like a slug... with knees"

"It's like a human-sized womb"

"You look like Jabba the Hut"

A YouTube channel called The Slow-Mo Guys made a video of one of the members inserting himself into a huge, human sized blowup water balloon, and filled it up until it popped.

And it's every bit as great as you hope.

The slow-mo replay of the popping is SO satisfying, beyond being really cool. And these guys are having a lot of fun with this thing, you can just tell.
Also, British accents.

Elsewhere, the State of California shed a single, lonely tear.

I can't believe this is real and that he was able to get through all of this so safely. Omg, I love it.
@danidee i know! i was sure something was going to go wrong... I'm happy he had the good sense to say "no" when he was asked to put his head in hahaha
it's a beautiful, beautiful thing @nicolejb @LizArnone
hahaha this is great. "Also: British accents" :) I wonder who came up with this?
its like a birth .... in reverse
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