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At last! We can begin to ready ourselves for a new James Bond movie.

It's called Spectre and it's scheduled for a November 6 U.S. theatrical release.
We last saw Bond in 2012 with Skyfall, a good-but-not-great Bond film, maybe most memorable for its awesome Adele-created soundtrack.

Meet your new Bond girl: Monica Bellucci

Our latest 'Bond girl' is Italian Monica Bellucci, who will be the oldest actor casted as a Bond girl, at age 50. She doesn't look a day over 35....
Here's the trailer. It looks like the film takes place largely in Mexico City and Rome, with some hints of awesome snow-filled landscapes, too.

There's sure to be some great action scenes in this one.

I see plane crashes, building explosions and the like... all in a day's work for Mr. Bond!
Hopefully Spectre makes a return to the quality we had in Daniel Craig's earlier Bond films, most notably Casino Royale. I loved that one - probably the best Bond film that's been made in my lifetime!
In any case, though, the anticipation of a new Bond movie is exciting enough!
didnt Monica play the role of The Architect's wife in the Matrix?
@christianmordi yep! good eye. And yeah, Skyfall was probably better than I'm giving it credit for. But Casino Royale was so so good, so I'm definitely hoping it reaches that level
I actually liked Skyfall. I thought it was solid for sure