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Don't you love it when idols show off their aegyo (regardless of how good they're at it)? I really like to see this side of idols, whether it's on stage, in variety shows, or behind the scenes.

I'd like to share the best of idol aegyo with you guys each week. Here's EXO's sexy dancer, Kai! (As requested by @Allyphernelia) ^_^

Let me show you this dork's aegyo style!
He's too shy to do the buing buing? Where does the shyness go when he starts dancing?
How can be so adorable? Is that even a legal aegyo move? I think not! Lol.
Who is teaching this kid aegyo? I bet it's Lee Jong Suk!
This is what he looks like as a kitten...
Someone stop him before fangirl have a heart attack!
Hope you guys enjoy this! (Credit for photo and gifs to respective owners)

Which other idols do you think have great aegyo? Who should the next aegyo card be about?
Look forward to more aegyo show-offs at Best of Aegyo! ^_^

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@poojas YES! perfect in every way ;D
2 years ago·Reply
He is so adorable
2 years ago·Reply
ahh monggu appa!! ;; <3
2 years ago·Reply
I love Kai so much!! He's my future husband! Lol
2 years ago·Reply
Really not a wonder why he's the visual of Exo
2 years ago·Reply