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Whether your curly hair is short, long, coily, spirally, thick, or fine -- curly hair can take work. A lot of damn work.

Humidity and Heat

The weather can either be your enemy, or your best-friend. Thinking about flat ironing your curls when it's 90 degrees outside, and the humidity is through the roof? The curls are coming back within 5.6 seconds. Might as well just rock those curls.

It's Cold Outside?

And there's no humidity? JACKPOT! Whether you wear your hair curly or straight, those strands will probably remain sleek and flawless.

No Shortcuts Allowed

Some of us do an extra step for our curly look and it can be a process. But almost always, it's worth it.

Do That Twist Out

But when you do take the time to do a twist out at night, you're hair looks big and beautiful in the morning.

Hair Products

Finding the perfect hair products for you can become a mission impossible. Even if your natural girl friend tells swears by one product, it may end up making your hair look like a tangled disaster.

We Can Change It Up

But what's really fun is that sometimes when we something new, we can do box braids, wear extensions, or rock a wig.

Maintaining natural hair can be an adventure -- it can also be a learning experience. Either way, our hair is BEAUTIFUL!

my hair was cute yesterday but now it's everywhere!!!! Lol... outstandingly true card .....
Haha ...yess I Iook at people's toes too LOL. Yeah, the textures can definitely vary. My hair is definitely super thick.
don't feel bad my mom couldn't comb my hair ever.... and at 12 she sent me to the beauty shop for a relaxer... my curls got really straight after about a year.... but my hair is naturally thick which I love from my mom being African American......... I've been natural for a little over a year... that's no press and flat iron a few times.... but my oldest daughter has hair like me and my other daughter has curly hair ..... it's just amazing the different types of hair we have... you just embrace the beauty of all of us from head to toe... because I look at people's toes too.... lol
I've had relaxers in my hair since I was 4 years old (thanks, mom!). I've been natural for maybe 10 months. It's a process, for sure. A lot of times I wanted to give up and just slap on the relaxers again. I am still learning. I am not going to lie, it can get pretty frustrating. But I am learning to have patience. I actually likes the way my hair looked when I first cut it. It was also less work.
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