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You can't deny the fact that makeover scenes in movies are THE BOMB. The before and after pictures with shopping montages sandwiched in between are irresistable to me. I'm rating the most fashionable movie makeovers, with dowdy starts and stylish finishes. This only includes head-to-toe makeovers that include a revamped fashion sense, so you won't be seeing any Princess Diaries montages here.

Sandy in Grease

Okay, so everyone always (aptly) says how bad it is that Grease's message involves a girl changing herself to be with the guy, which is the only thing that works for their love. It's true, this is bad. But are we not allowed to say that she was a major babe at the end of the movie? That black head-to-toe look was fierce AF, and the heels and belt were just so much more fashionable than her babyish peter pan collars and bows.

Andy in the Devil Wears Prada

Forget Anne Hathaway as Mia in the Princess Diaries; this was a top makeover and no one can deny it. Andy went from being believably frumpy and unaware of fashion to a total bombshell that would fit in at any top fashion house or publication. Not to mention that this is such a great fashion movie... but this makeover was so satisfying.

Vivian in Pretty Woman

Julia Roberts' famous role is a great example of the power of a fashion makeover, as Vivian is gorgeous all along, but swaps out her cutout dress for prim and proper knee-length skirts with the help of Richard Gere. In terms of the beauty aspect, it's more of a makeunder, but the change of clothes certainly takes her from the streets to mingling with the elite quicker than you can say, "Big Mistake, Huge."

Tai in Clueless

This list wouldn't be complete without Tai Frasier, who swapped grungy plaid for preppy plaid our favorite 90's movie. Her transformation from frumpy stoner to, well, the same person but in better clothes, is a classic makeover covering up the bad and not really changing what's inside.

Gracie in Miss Congeniality

While the purpose of Gracie Hart's makeover in this classic rom-com was to look like a pageant bimbo, they definitely made her into a stylish one nonetheless. This is further evidenced by the fact that after the Miss America Pageant charade ends, Gracie remains polished-looking off the clock.

Not included: Laney in She's All That

Because can we just admit that all they did was take off the glasses and put on a little red dress?