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Being a "writer" can be fickle, obscure and down-right frustrating. As Hunter S. Thompson said, "Writing is the most hateful kind of work." But it's also a kick-ass way to get your thoughts out and possibly change the world. If you're not a writer, take heed...we are wild and fickle beasts.

1. As writers, our minds can be a pretty wild place.

We're always thinking about what to write, how to write it. We carry around obscene little notebooks with ideas and "good lines" in them. We're always moving.

2. We have a hard time filtering ourselves, because of that shotgun-mind thing.

The mind of a writer is firing all the time, and not always in a good way. We can offend people pretty easily...gotta watch that.

3. We often do things differently than others.

You can usually point us out if we're staring at a tree for too long, contemplating it's vital existence, or testing different ways to walk to try and get into a wonky character's head space. We're a little off too...

4. If we're writing about politics or news, we try to make the best of it...but sometimes we can offend the real flag wavers.

Writers often straddle the line between liberal and conservative, touting the ideals of a forgotten generation, an ideal one like our favorite writers wanted...and sometimes people get offended.

4. We love to drink, but not all of us, that's a stereotype.

Writers generally feel things in a supremely deep way, and that can often come with torture and anguish. We often do our best and worst writing while we're in distress, and some people just do it better when they're drinking.

5. We often break the rules.

What? It's not like parking on the sidewalk, or sitting in a cafe writing away for 48 hours is illegal right?

6. We're pretty f* nosy.

If we think something interesting is happening, we'll listen in. could make for a good story.

7. When we're in our element, nothing can stop us.

There's nothing like being on a roll...knowing that your writing is at its peak, and your ideas are flowing. Those are the best days.

8. We're pretty damn special.

Writers provide a different perspective on a lot of things. We give voices to the voiceless, we use words as our weapons, and damn it, it's pretty badass.
@greggr hahaha. that made me laugh. definitely a good way to put it :)
I am definitely nosy, but I don't see it as nosy. I see it as being incredibly open to the experiences of the world...even those that others aren't particularly ready to share with me.
I mean... You're awsome XP Badasses xp
Also, maybe I'm a total loser for having to ask this but... what movie are all these images from???
Perfect way to sum us up!
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