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You all have read the Onion right? It’s just about the best fake newspaper, filled with satirical funnies. Probably one of my favorite places to just giggle on the internet.
Many people have actually used the Onion as a legitimate source, mistaking it’s satirical content as actually credible. And they have been sufficiently mocked.

But this news story takes the cake.

The Onion predicted that the Iran nuclear deal with headline, “US Soothes Upset Netanyahu With Shipment Of Ballistic Missiles.” The story covered how the U.S. was offering Israel “a nice, big shipment” of weapons to fix the Iran deal.
Then, a few hours later, the real reports went out. And it turns out the Onion was right. With headlines like: “New US Weapons for Israel Meant to Rescue Opposition to Iran Deal."
So, there you have it. A fake newspaper broke the story hours before it actually happened. Maybe that’s because politics news has been a little crazy lately?
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