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There are so many alternatives to self harm:

Take a long walk. Do a puzzle. Try hot yoga. Bake something delicious, but healthy. Run yourself a bubble bath. Make a playlist of your favorite songs. Drink your favorite tea. Build a blanket fort with a friend. Write your feelings down and then tear the paper up. Learn sign language online. Read a book that inspires you. Paint a self portrait. Play with your pet. Take a long, well-deserved nap. Blow bubbles outside. Go to the gym. Bust out your favorite dance moves. Reorganize your room. Allow yourself to cry. Grab some frozen yogurt. Write a love poem. Scream out loud to your favorite song. Go for a drive and roll down the windows. Draw a picture. Hug a fluffy pillow. Watch your favorite film. Light a candle. Complete a Sudoku. Remind yourself that you are beautiful. Tell yourself that you are worthy of self love.

Put down the blade because someone loves you.