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#WomanCrushWednesday: My Ultimate TV Girl Crushes

Girl crushes are the sincerest form of flattery. It means I'd either like to be you or I just want to be your best friend. I don't often have real life girl crushes, but I do frequently have TV girls crushes (maybe it's because I spend most of my time watching TV...)

Sloan, Entourage

E messes this one up so many times on Entourage, ugh!! Sloan is the best thing that ever happened to him - smart, successful, funny and relaxed enough to hang out with the lovably idiotic Entourage gang. The only recurring female character on Entourage, I love the logical female touch that Sloan brings to the otherwise ridiculous antics of Vinny and the boys.

Veronica Mars

A teenage private investigator might sound ridiculous, but not after you meet Veronica Mars. She's sharp and snarky, never without the wittiest comeback. I always identify with her staunchly independent nature, and she's definitely the best friend I'd like to have making sarcastic comments by my side.

Joan, Mad Men

Maybe not the best person to have a girl crush on, but for some reason, I really like Joan Holloway. She's bold, she's sassy, and in the age of the housewife, she's a nice contrast, running the workplace with some manipulation and office politics. Joan is progressively in touch with her femininity, making both men and women in the office respect her.

Ilana, Broad City

Obviously either Abbi or Ilana from Broad City had to make the list. I think I identify more with Abbi, but I envy Ilana, so I'll choose her as my girl crush. It's her outfits combined with her nonchalant attitude that make me want to be more like her. For Ilana, nothing is too absurd as long as it's fun, and I would love a little of that personality to rub off on me.

Kristin Wiig, SNL

I cannot and will not choose a favorite Kristin Wiig moment on SNL. Paula Deen, Target Lady, Doonese, Lana Del Ray....the list goes on and on. She's been a part of several of the most iconic SNL sketches, and her time on the show is, in my opinion, comparable to Will Ferrell's. Her uncanny ability to make viewers uncomfortable enough that they have to laugh makes her one of the SNL greats.
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