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Hahaha soooo true. No matter what kpop group we like, our bias will always be perfect in our eyes. Whose your favorite bias, and from what KPOP group iw he/she from?
@ReddViolet I still haven't listened to BTS but I do hear a lot about them...what is the first song you recommend I listen to in order to be completely hooked?
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@katiems @ReddViolet ok....never mind. Ill just make a Playlist of their music and listen to it on my way to work hahaha
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Ok cool! @katiems I feel the love from their fandom already lol
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@katiems ahhh yes, SuJu. One of my first favorite groups ♡
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cool @ReddViolet. ..I'll listen to it later...now I have to go workout for my 오빠s lol
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