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There are so many reasons that G-Dragon is my bias. He is known for being a fashion icon and it shows. He can rock any style he chooses to try that day. Which is funny cause he only wears clothes cause he has to.
He really cares about his bandmates. We don't see him smile as much as he does when he is with them. He is a great leader and knows he needs their support as much as they need him.
He is an OCD hard worker and will spend hours just trying to get one note to sound right. He takes time to make sure that the songs that he writes sound exactly how he envisioned them to.
He owns the stage every time. And he knows how to make his V.I.P.s happy with a performance.
He takes the most gorgeous photos. The camera loves him. (Of course, this doesn't really have to do with him being my bias, he's just gorgeous.)
Then of course there is the fact that he likes SpongeBob.
And finally, there is not another voice like his.
He is too perf
You did it. You explain why he's perfect! Ha ha ha!
He's not my bias but I have nothing but he utmost respect for him and what he does...and he occasionally gets my lovey-dovey side-eye and I have to shake myself out of it lol.
same g dragon is also my bias. not only for his looks but his personality, talent, and leadership skills.