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¡Muy caliente!

Kim Kardashian is glowing on the cover of Vogue Spain! This is the first Vogue magazine cover of Kim without any makeup or full on glam. She's the kind of celebrity who looks perfect no matter where she is but this time, Kim is showing that natural beauty is even better. Kim is 34 years old and looking stunning.


Her hair looks like she just rolled out of bed and slipped on a sweater and jeans. It seems so realistic and normal to the general public. It's definitely unlike something Kim has ever done for a photo shoot. Of course, Vogue Spain made sure to add slight American touches to the American star, like her Mickey Mouse T-shirt, her American Levi jeans, and Beverly Hills location. Kim made sure to point out that this is her favorite hotel in Beverly Hills! She seems like she genuinely having a good time at the shoot.


She captioned this photo, " I just landed back from Armenia, pregnant & jetlagged, so literally was trying to nap as they were shooting #VogueSpain #KimNoFilter #NoMakeup". The second photo recently caused a lot of drama on Twitter when Kim captioned it "Imma let you finish but..." making an unknowing jab at Taylor Swift amidst the huge Twitter war between Swift and Nicki Minaj. Kim quickly apologized and corrected herself by changing the caption to "Caption this... #VogueSpain #KimNoFilter ". Close call, Kimmy.


"This has to be my favorite shoot I've done!" Kim posted. She then thanked Vogue Spain and Theo Wenner for the pictures. It's actually really fun to see Kim in PJ's. And she did note that she was loving that she could run around the hotel. To be honest, this could be the first time I've ever seen Kim Kardashian in
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I think this is one of my favorite Kim shoots. She looks so beautiful and I love that it's completely natural. I wish she did more shoots like this more often.