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Pixar's next movie, The Good Dinosaur, revolves around two unlikely friends: a dinosaur and a human child. Just reading that, though, doesn't sound as interesting as it should. But Pixar has this special ability when it comes to creating meaningful and emotional relationships with the characters in their films and it looks like they'll succeed again with this one.
The recently released trailer for The Good Dinosaur has close to no dialogue and no explanation of the actual narrative of the movie. And it works for them. We learn all we need to know about the main characters of this film through the visuals and -- at this point -- it's fun for the audience to let Pixar take them for a short ride. The trailer reflects the emotional beats that the full feature will probably hit. The trailer -- that's almost like a music video -- sets up the world of the film for us and the characters. I'm really excited for this film, even though I'll probably end up crying in the theater.
The Good Dinosaur will be in theaters November 25th, 2015
Oh my goodness I am so excited for this. Pixar always breaks my heart and I keep going back for mote T_T
looking forward to it >.<
@shannonl5 there's something about Pixar and the way they craft their stories that just crush you every time but still make you want more. hahaha