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Yes, I know that every couple is different and that really no one can understand you and baes relationship. But, when you are in college your relationship will fit into one of these categories, because its college.
And while we all might think were so original, we are all pretty much on the same page.

The High School Sweethearts

Lets be real, if they stay faithful in college, they will also be the married couple. They have been together since forever and won't break up for anything. They can totally rock (since they aren't worried about finding someone), but they can also completely suck by not experiencing new things or breaking out of their comfort zone.
Pro-Tip - Even if they break up for a second, they will always still hold out hope that they will end up with the high school sweetheart. Don't waste your time.

The Friends With Benefits Couple

Usually happens to naive freshmen but can also happen each year until the age of 25. You never really hang out and when you do everyone thinks you're just friends, yet you bone on the regular. There are pros in the sense that you can do your thing and still have a definite booty call, yet if you catch the feels you are in trouble.
Thats how you get into that awkward "kind of together" category.

The Open Relationship Couple?

Their the ones that you see out hooking up with someone else and you will without fail turn to the nearest person and say, "aren't they going out with so and so?". The answer to that is yes they still are, but they also both hook up with anyone they want. Its an interesting set up and can get tricky fast, but of they can pull it off I see swinger parties in their future.

The Fighting Couple

I am so sorry if your roommate is one half of this terrible, terrible couple. They fight more then they talk and it is always loud, aggressive and TMI for the entire floor. They will spend 2 hours venting to you about how much the other one sucks and then blow you off to make up with them later.
Ugh. They can also be the on again off again types.

In it For The Title

Sometimes people just come together for social hierarchy. Girls date captains to gain status on that team or high standing greek-ers intermingle to be the "power couple". They mostly fill the black hole in their heart with conversations that they always steer towards their clear relationship status and will "most def" be wear matching halloween costumes.

The Gross In Love Couple

Could possibly be THE WORST ONE to deal with. You are forced to watch them cuddle, make out and hook up every change they get. They don't care if their romantic date in the middle of the quad is on display, they actually planned it that way. They will be wearing Mr & Mrs shirts and will be the couple everyone prays breaks up just to watch the fall out.

The Average Couple

Far and few in-between can fit into the average couple during the dark ages of dating known as the college years. They can juggle each other, friends, classes, partying and extra-circulars with only a few minor mess ups.
Its something to shoot for, but very hard to find in the hook up land of college campuses.

The One Married To The Drank

One of the best friends to find in college, and you always need one. They Just care about getting fucked up and having a great time. Because really, who cares if your in a relationship or not when theres alcohol around?
I can definitely relate to the friends with benefits... heehee...
@alywoah ahaha i have for sure been in my fair share of these categories hahaha
Buwahhaha I was all 8 types.
@LizArnone aannddddd as soon as it looks like it's going to fade, you just take some space or go all solo again. it's nice
@TerrecaRiley Haha we behave like a couple who had been married for years but we have been together for a little under a year. It's absolutely wonderful
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