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This picture looks so uncomfortable.

Kim and Kanye jetted out to Paris to meet up with Parisian photographer, Juergen Teller for System Magazine. The shoot was set in Chateau d'Ambleville earlier this year when Kim was blonde. This shoot was unique in comparison to previous shoots that Kim participated in. It was dirty, gritty, and so simple that a four year old could take the same picture without a difference. No offense to the photographer but this seems like the most unprofessional looking photos I've ever seen for a photoshoot. Just weird.

Kim Kardashian

Well this is definitely something Kim Kardashian would have not picked out for herself. She's wearing a nude bodysuit (Look familiar to Kanye's Adidas collection?...YASS) with a satin bra top. She is also wearing black stockings and lace-up boots. And the only jewelry is her enormous diamond engagement ring. Her hair is not styled and very natural makeup.

Kanye West

Completely untouched or filtered. But really, what kind of camera was this photographer using!? It just seems so boring. Kanye wore his signature black ensemble, a long black t-shirt with black skinny jeans. He then channeled little red riding hood with his valor or velvet red hood. Oh and some grills?
Hey btw... Kanye, your teeth are looking a little yellow. I suggest some Crest White Strips.
A goatee, visible tattoos, and his chronic b*tch face. Nothing has changed.

Juergen Teller

What, did have Kim and Kanye have to take pictures of him? Okay this is so bizarre. I just don't understand how he thinks he's making photography or art. To me, it looks like he just paid two of the most famous celebrities to hang out with him for the day and then at the end was like, "Oh yeah...we should probably take a few photos so that this looks like a photo shoot."
@cullenquigley I really wouldn't put it past them to do something like that hahaha
@onesmile hahaha totally agree! I wish I could like your comment a million times lol.
I bet Kim and Kanye are sitting around laughing like "watch people try to figure this one out"
WTF hahah. Kim looks stunning as always, but I just don't understand lol.