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When the KK arranged a march in South Carolina, this decided to follow them along with his sousaphone (a similar instrument to the the Tuba). Watch this video of the hilarious theme song her created for them.
Here's why he did it:
"I honestly just wanted to be funny. I wanted to show my opposition in a peaceful way, and my sousaphone seemed to be the best solution to make myself heard."
And Twitter loves him for it. Check out the response.
He really did make the KKK march look like doofuses. This is what stupid looks like, but also what stupid SOUNDS like.
Thanks for using your talents for good, Mister Sousaphone! I applaud you.
Sad sousaphone is the new sad trombone.
hahahaha or like a kid who’s walking along and his ice-cream falls right off the cone. Womb, womp, wahhhhhh
Omg, all the music sounded like something you'd reserve for a mob of sad clowns exiting and broken down clown car.
Haha maybe this sousaphone also made them LOOK like Dr. Suess characters too @danidee.
THERE ARE TEARS. I can't stop laughing, but I'm trying to be quiet because I'm in a public place. The first and only time I'd ever heard of a sousaphone was from something Dr. Seuss related, so having that added connotation makes me that much gigglier.