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It's Hump Day, and as @LizArnone pointed out, it might be the worst day of the week (but we can still make it out alive). We all do weird stuff to cheer ourselves up on a bad day - look at cat videos or eat lots of chocolate - but for me, I like to remember the cutest weddings on TV (this just proves how much of a TV nerd I am).
They're those weddings you've been waiting a whole series for, between two people you never thought would make it, but finally do. And when they finally do walk down the aisle, you weirdly feel like you're right there with them (even though you're in your bed watching them through a screen...)
D'awwwww so cute. This wedding was especially satisfying because it came just months after the Supreme Court struck down Prop 8. In true Modern Family fashion, the wedding did not go off without a hitch and was described by Mitch as "apocalyptic-y". But we waited five seasons for them to get engaged, so we knew it'd happen. Jay walking Mitch down the aisle and Phil officiating the wedding just made it that much better.
My favorite wedding in sitcom history!! Pam's veil rips, Jim cuts his tie off so that he's imperfect too and I cry like a baby. But what would The Office be without Michael Scott's antics....enter the best dance scene of all time (featuring Forever by Chris Brown). I have the scene bookmarked on my computer for when I need cheering up.
Like every other sitcom, we root for our favorite couple to get married, then come the wedding day, everything seems to go wrong. The highlight of this HIMYM episode is Marshall's hair fiasco, which you unfortunately cannot see in the above picture. The real cuteness of this wedding is when they sneak away from the chaos and secretly get married by Barney outside. Small and perfect, with everyone who really matters right there with them.
Talk about a long time coming...these two have been together since middle school. This one was bittersweet for me because it's also the end of an intense bromance between Cory and Shawn, but all good things come to an end, I guess. Cory and Topanga are the couple I envied growing up, so when they got married (I was too old to still be watching Boy Meets World), I felt like I deserved an invite.
The two most deserving people on TV, Leslie and Ben's wedding seemed like it took forever to come about, but when it did, so many tears. Again, after the original wedding spins into chaos, Leslie's friends set up the most appropriate wedding in the office. Ann makes her that amazing dress, Jerry officiates and Donna sings some weird opera. It's perfect.
I couldn't write this card without including the other memorable Parks and Rec wedding. While Andy and April might not have had the most stereotypically adorable wedding, it was perfect for them (note Andy's cargo pants and April's scowl) and that is cute in itself.
I totally agree with @Gavriella! Jim and Pam's wedding is the best. I never cry in movies or TV shows but that one had me super close to balling!
@Gavriella I seriously have that scene bookmarked, it's so perfect. @shannonl5 yeah I think everyone wants to be her when they grow up a little. I already have the love of waffles down, but other than that, I've got a long way to go.
I definitely cried through all of these weddings haha. My favorite is definitely Jim and Pam's, because that montage with the dance plus Niagara Falls was the perfect mix of funny and heartwarming and tear-inducing.
Oh my goodness Leslie and Ben were my absolute favorite. I was sobbing through the whole thing I was so happy for them! That entire episode was brilliant. Lil' Sebastian saved the day! Haha
@LauraFisher I kind of want to be Leslie Knope when I grow up so that was super wish-fulfilling for me to watch haha
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