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Welcome back.

You're back in a relationship after living the single life for some time. You and your better half have been seeing each other for some time now and finally decided to make it official. It's an amazing feeling isn't it? Enjoy it while it lasts -- just kidding. When it comes to dating and relationships a lot of people have their opinions on when and how you should do certain things.
Rushing is usually a recipe for disaster, but taking things too slow can run a person off -- especially if the relationship gets boring. It all comes down to compromise and knowing when it's just way too soon. Let things ride and make sure you're cautious of the stop signs ahead of you. I had the pleasure of doing a few random surveys to find out just how soon was too soon when it comes to taking things to the next stop in your relationship.

Q: How long should two people dating or in a relationship wait until their first kiss?

Answer #1: "Hmmm. This is going to sound so awful, but if I really like a guy, I’ll make him wait to kiss."
Answer #2: "Hmmmmmm that's a hard one! I think until the feelings right? But you don't wanna wait too long or else there is way too much pressure."

Q: How long do you think two people should wait in a relationship before meeting each others parents?

Answer: "Ooh that's tricky. Maybe 6 months? Not quite that long?"

Q: How long do you think two people seeing each other or in a relationship should wait before cooking for one another?

Answer: "Cooking? I think that can be done within a week or two of dating!"

Q: How long do you think two people should wait before sleeping together in a relationship?

Answer: "Maybe a week? I don't really know. You're asking the wrong guy.
But I think it really depends on the people. I've had relationships, healthy ones, that have lasted as long as they needed to that started out with sex. And I've had other relationships where they didn't last even though we waited. I think it's important for both people to feel comfortable with each other before they engage in having sex and sometimes it takes one hour and other times it takes one year.
In other words, the heart wants what the heart wants."

Q: How long do you think two people in a relationship should wait before they start considering love or saying "I love you"?

Answer: "I think it depends on the couple. Some people are really hesitant (either because they've been burned in the past or just because they like to take things slow), other people would rather dive in headfirst. It's not really a generalization you can make... but I think there's definitely a "right time" sort of thing. If there's a mutual connection and you feel like you want to move in that direction then go for it!"

Do you agree with these specific relationship time frames?

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so so sorry everyone! I've been trying to get back to comments, but my notifications have been extremely fickle this week. @nicolejb I def think it's always a case by case scenario. you can't base your past relationship on your present one. @shannonl5 and @JohnPatrickhyde I definitely think knowing yourself is the secret ingredient to pretty much anything not just finding love or being happy. It's the key that unlocks so many doors. I also agree with the fact that you pointed out the comparison between both love and lust (I was actually considering writing a card on that sometime next week), but so many often confuse the two -- I've even been a victim of doing so myself.
@shjej5835 i agree with @allischaaff on this one, I definitely feel like saying those three words takes time. it doesn't have to take years or decades, but it should def be and feel as genuine as possible because once you utter those three words to someone you can't take it back. just make sure the love is real and all your other worries will be miles away.
@allischaaff @jordanhamilton haha yeah. I also thought it was too soon, and at first I was conflicted whether to believe him or not. Then he told me, despite the duration of our relationship, he felt that he was ready to say it and assured me that I dont have to say it back. We had kind of a big age difference and I think he was trying to reassure me about our relationshup. but then again we broke up like a month later so. I dont think it was ever meant to happen
well it's great that you went with your gut and did what you felt was right for you! sometimes we feel obligated to say things we don't mean and in the long run it really ruins everything, so way to go on not saying it back. wait until your ready...and that goes for everything :) @shjej5835
@jordanhamilton :) I mean I couldve easily said it back. he was my first love, first real crush but I was really shy and uncertain that moment. im glad I didnt say it although it was really great to hear someone say those three words to me