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My heart felt every sound the entire song. I believe this is my favorite of all Yann Tiersens songs. Repetitive music but beautiful enough to put on repeat over and over. Enjoy!
I share my music on Facebook if interested? @shannonl5 @danidee @LizArnone or anyone else.
@danidee @shannonl5 well I think it is time to start one up again silly lol. jk. yes @danidee it is like learning a language. I still don't know the rules or corrected ways though. who knows maybe I invented a chord or combination of notes. not lol.
@blue7even Ahh I don't have a FB anymore. Are you able to listen without having an account?
@blue7even Wow, impressive. That's kind of like teaching yourself a whole new language lol
@danidee yes but not traditional or very good at all. I learned by ear on my own, I don't even know notes or chords. I started in 2008 without ever playing a instrument.
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