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My heart felt every sound the entire song. I believe this is my favorite of all Yann Tiersens songs. Repetitive music but beautiful enough to put on repeat over and over. Enjoy!
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@blue7even same as @danidee I haven't had fb in ages >_<
@danidee @shannonl5 well I think it is time to start one up again silly lol. jk. yes @danidee it is like learning a language. I still don't know the rules or corrected ways though. who knows maybe I invented a chord or combination of notes. not lol.
@blue7even Amanda Palmer is one of my favorite musicians and she learned to play like that. She took like... two piano lessons when she was a kid and just kind of figured out her own way to play
@shannonl5 I am stubborn because I refuse lessons or watching tutorials. if things are too easy they take the joy away for me. that's what I'm sure makes music unique when you have artists like Amanda, Santana and many more... I will probably be long gone before my music is truly noticed.
@danidee sorry for not completely answering you earlier. I think you have to have a fb account but I do have two YouTube accounts. I can direct you or anyone to my links through messaging or you can wait until I start making cards for my own original music. Thanks for the interest!