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This is Tilda Swinton.

She's known for her very dull and androgynous look. Very simple colors, low profile patterns, and a very short hair cut. She goes for a natural look with no makeup or very minimal. But in the latest hit comedy "Trainwreck", she has been transformed to be unrecognizable.
Swinton's character is the magazine editor that Amy Schumer works for in the film. Swinton's character is SO New York. Thick makeup and swanky clothes with a blowout. She's the epitome of what magazine editors look like and her character is rude and harsh because after all, she works as an editor for a vulgar men's magazine.


"She’s over the top, over-tanned, and does everything in the biggest way. Tilda kept saying in her cute accent, ‘I’m a hot mess." her makeup stylist Kyra Panchenko said about Swinton's character.
Swinton was caked in many layers of makeup and other beauty products. The goal was to coat her in enough bronzer and self tanning cream to the point where she looked leathery. Her eye's were extremely dark and smokey. And her wardrobe turned into a replica of Vogue Paris fashion editor, Carine Roitfeld. Swinton has always been known for being a blank canvas able to turn into any character and look drastically different so it's no wonder she was hired.

To this day, I still had no idea it was Tilda Swinton...

Check out the Trainwreck trailer and get a glimpse if you haven't seen the movie already!

"I’m delighted to say that I’m unrecognizable. I don’t know whether one would really want to be recognizable in this role." - Tilda Swinton

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Swinton is my girl! Love her! She can do no wrong. Like ever! Didn't plan on seeing this, but now that I know she's in it...looks like I will this weekend! Glad you shared this!